07 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Go For Gold

Go For Gold

Aloha Parents and Guardians,
          Kilauea School Cafeteria Staff is once again doing a meal promotion.  The National School Breakfast Week campaign is GO FOR GOLD (March 5 – 8, 2012).  It is designed to encourage students to eat BREAKFAST as a SMART START to a full day of learning and activities.
Each day, students will be encouraged to eat School Breakfast to earn a Gold Prize for participating in the Breakfast Promotion.  FUN FACTS will be given during the morning announcements to educate your student why eating a well-balanced breakfast, whether it is at home or at school is very important. 
Our Food Service employees (cafeteria workers) have noticed that there are many children who come in during morning recess looking for “free snack” because they are hungry.  These children have mentioned that they missed eating breakfast or did not eat enough at breakfast.  Some students that do eat School Breakfast waste half or more of the meal.
In working together to help your student have the advantage of a SMART START, we also would like to encourage parents/guardians to eat School Breakfast with them.  This will also provide you with an idea if your child is one of those that are wasting or taking advantage of the meal prepared.  Adult breakfast cost $2.20.  Each meal comes with an entrée, serving of fruit and 4oz milk, white or chocolate.
As further encouragement, through the generous donation from the Department of Health, Kauai Branch, prizes will be provided to all those that participate.  Prizes will be distributed after the students have returned from Spring Break in March, but may be done during a later scheduled assembly to give recognition to those that participated.
We hope that you will join us to encourage students to participate in this campaign by keeping them accountable by taking advantage of eating School Breakfast during the week of March 5 – 8, 2012 and even joining them for a meal.  If you have any questions or comments you may see on of the cafeteria staff.   Thank you for helping your child GO FOR GOLD!!  
Kilauea School Cafeteria Staff