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Message from the Principal

Principal’s Message… from Mrs. Gonsalves

Dear Families of Kilauea School,

Welcome to an exciting new school year! We hope you had a wonderful

summer with your children, family and friends. As we begin the 2017-18 school

year, we reflect on the progress we have made and look forward to a positive and

productive school year ahead where we will continue to provide high quality

educational opportunities to all of our students.

Our Kilauea School Mission is “We Light the Way by SHINE (Supporting,

Honoring, Inspiring, Nurturing and Encouraging) students for success”. We

believe it is everyone’s responsibility to “SHINE” each day in order to support

each student’s academic, social, emotional and physical development. Your help

in lighting the way is truly valued and greatly appreciated.

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Mrs. Carmen Cervantes, Ms.

Jessica Gormley and Mr. Chris Cullen. Mrs. Cervantes will be teaching 6th grade

while Ms. Gormley will provide instruction in the mornings to our 4th graders in

the 3⁄4 combo class. Mr. Cullen will teach PE to our students during the teachers’

Professional Learning Community (PLC) time. We are excited to welcome them

to the Kilauea School Ohana and hope they have a great school year !

Special thanks to the parents that attended last weeks’ parent meetings.

We hope you were able to meet your child’s teacher and learn more about their

classroom procedures. We also encourage you to attend our Open House on

September 6th, upcoming family learning nights, as well as parent conferences in

the fall and spring. These are great opportunities to explore how you can become

more engaged in and best support your child’s education. We look forward to

continuing to work with families to strengthen the home-school connection.

The key to a successful school partnership is good communication

between home and school. Working together, we can ensure that our students

have the best opportunity to reach their full potential. You can keep informed of

school events and up to date information through emails, newsletters, marquee,

Events Calendar (backside of Menu) and the BEE INFORMED Bulletin Board

(outside the Library) as well as from our school website at KilaueaSchool.com.

We have continued to make progress on the renovation of Bld. B. (old

cafeteria) over the summer. Please avoid the fenced off construction area on the

front lawn. It is anticipated this work will be completed near the end of May 2018.

Your patience, cooperation, and understanding throughout this phase of

construction is greatly appreciated to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

We hope to inspire children to dream of going to college and/or pursuing

a career of their choice. The preparation for this begins the moment they enter

our doors. Together we “light the way” for the future of our students.

Sincerely, Sherry Gonsalves, Principal





Sincerely, Sherry Gonsalves