24 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

4th Grade Makahiki

Congratulations to our awesome fourth grade students for winning the kukini, ulu maika, and o`oihe games at the Makahiki Celebration!

Last Weds, Jan 19th both 4th grade  clasdes, Mrs. Cornells and Mrs Devin’s participated  in  the  annual  Makahiki  down  at  the  Hanalei  Pavillion.  Both  classes  competed against Hanalei School 4th  graders.

Morgan  Watt  won  first  place  in  Ula  Maika  (Hawaiian  bowling)  making    5  out  of  10.  Hailama  Swartman  took  first   place  in  the  O`Oihe  throwing  his  spear  77ft!  Incredible!  Levi  Cummings  out-­ ran  all  the  other  students  for  first  place  in  Kukini  (50  yard  dash)!  All  of  the   students  participated  and  played  with  enthusiasm  and  spirit!  Thanks  to  Kumu   Yokotake  and  Kumu  Ito  for  all  of  their  valuable  time  and  expertise!  We  really   appreciate  YOU!  And  thanks  to  the  family  members  that  came  to  cheer  us  on!